Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Preparation for Janathon

Christmas is always a good time for me to do some running with less pressure to be somewhere working on something or other, so I managed to have a run on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and (what we Irish call) St Stephen's Day.  I travelled back to London yesterday and instead of hitting the road, I did some high level housework!  Full of good running intentions, I headed to the gym this morning determined to have a run before some weights and stretches, but was seduced by the spinning class which was just about to start as I arrived, luckily, it ended just before a quick abs class so I had people shouting encouragement at me for a full hour and think it worked out better than a treadmill run would have.  I still have little enthusiasm for running on the treadmill, but like to get to the gym for all the other stuff. Tomorrow I'll be back on the road and then back to the gym for more spinning on Friday!  I need to get my fitness up for Janathon so I think I'll do another Audiofuel session tomorrow morning...


  1. Good luck for Janathon. Sounds like you're already getting some training done most days.

  2. Treadmill at its most appealing at this time of year IMHO -- warm, well-lit, and no weirdos, cyclists or incontinent canines (though I suppose it depends on your gym!). Happy Janathon!