Saturday, 8 January 2011

Day 8, perfect running conditions

So day 8 and I was determined to have a decent run.  I was feeling very tired and miserable so didn't get out until the afternoon, but by then the weather was perfect.  Blue sky, bright sun and cold breeze.  I went for one of my favourite runs along the river Lee.  I've been away for 4 months and I did a short run here last week but today went further and realised that there has been a lot of regeneration work done since I've been away.  This is one of my original running routes and I'm glad it is even nicer now.  The swans and rowers were out in force and it helped me to forget that I am not the runner I was this time last year.  I went for 6k but accidentally knocked my ipod off after 5 so logged my runs as 5k and then 1k.  I would have laughed at this this time last year, but I have to be patient and build my fitness up and shed some weight before I can get back to the runner that I was.  It was really great not to be running in the dark, but tomorrow I want to go to yoga again so will have to run in the dark so I can avoid my mistakes of yesterday.  A good day!  Lets hope I have many more...

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  1. Isn't janathon wonderful? We're all getting out and running and usually enjoying it more than we think we will. Glad you had a good day.