Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Janathon Day 5

Day 5:  I initally planned on going to work early, leaving at 5.30 to go boxing and then run home from there, I couldn't get it together so knew by the time I left home that there was no way I'd be able to leave at 5.30 and ended up getting home at 9.50pm.  Ordinarily, I would think, well it is too late to run now, I'll just do a bit more tomorrow (not likely!!) but as I am determined to run every day in Jan, off I trotted at 9.55 and had a lovely 6k run.  I never run at night, the latest run I did last year (while training for the London marathon) was 6.30pm.  It was very relaxing and I have broken my mental block about running at night.  The main downside is that it is not very exciting to run around the streets (safety first!) of London on a winter night, so I thought about all the great places I've run this year, first run of the year was in Hoi An Vietnam, I've run in Hanoi, Melbourne,  Sydney, Boston, Chicago,  LA,  Taipei, different counties of Ireland, along the Coventry Canal, along the river in Glasgow, around the streets of Edinburgh......and of course my lovely London.  I tried not to think about how much further I could comfortably run this time last year, or how much weight I've put on over the last few months...its Janathon and I'm getting my running mojo back. Roll on tomorrow morning when I'll roll out of bed and into my trainers.


  1. So, of Hanoi, Melbourne, Sydney, Boston, Chicago, LA, Taipei, Ireland, Coventry, Glasgo and Edinburgh, which was your favourite?

  2. You without your running mojo is still far far more impressive than anything I can come close to! :-)

  3. I have 3 favs, hoi an running past water buffalo, along the beach in Old Greenwich and finally my Sunday morning long runs through London, down to the tower of London and along the river! Those days seem far away now though as I trudge along...