Sunday, 9 January 2011

Day 9- back to running in the dark

So today I returned to running in the dark after my lovely sunny riverside run yesterday.  I learned my lesson about yoga before running on Friday so had to get my run out of the way before heading to a 9am bikram class.  My days of getting up at 5 to hit the road at 5.30am on Sunday mornings are distant memories so I struggled out at 7 something and decided to do a short 20 min run.  I ran uphill on the way out and then downhill on the way back so I factored that in, long slow slog up the hill and a better pace on the way back down.  I need to plan my week today so that I get a few longer runs in.  I can't keep using my lack of fitness and weight gain as an excuse for so many short runs!  Anyway, I jumped in the shower and got ready for bikram, the class was mopped today, more and more people kept piling in. I suppose everyone is on their January fitness kick.  90 mins of sweating and bending later and I felt good and rewarded myself with 90 mins of tv before coming to work.  Hopefully I'll have a good run in the morning, although of course it will be dark!

Over and out...


  1. Enjoy your planning and tomorrow's morning run.

  2. It sounds as though you had a good workout today and I think short, regular bursts of activity can be as beneficial as sporadic long stints.
    Also the nights are getting lighter now. :)