Monday, 16 January 2012

Day 14 and 15

ok, complete technological failure means that I didn't get to log or blog over the weekend.  Day 14 was Saturday and I had visitors.  We were up late on Friday night and had to get going on Saturday to meet another friend so I just did 20 mins.  I managed 3.5K so that was fine but I was determined that the following day (Sunday) I would up the distance.  I was delighted with my run yesterday (Sunday) as it was cold and sunny and dry and I decided to go for 12k, along the river lea and down to Hackney Marshes, such a lovely run, lots of dogs, people walking, cycling, rollerblading, running, rowers, people in the canalboats chopping wood...I managed to stay with an average pace of just under 6 miles per hour and when I finished my run I walked for another k to cool down.  The only down was that I forgot to bring a warm top for my cool down and it was freezing, it took me hours to warm up again.  I only really warmed up when I helped a friend move last night, 30 mins of up and down 4 flights of stairs carrying furniture, books, clothes etc got my heart going again and so I'm logging this too!!  Today is a gym day and I'm hoping to run home afterwards.

More later...

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