Monday, 23 January 2012

Day 23!

Ok, here we are at day 23 and I was about to leave work at 22.13 to go home and run.  I got in this morning at 7 as I had a huge amount to do.  But, I've decided not to run but to go straight to bed.  I did another cycle today on the Boris Bike, only about 2 miles but I think that that will have to do as I've another early start/ late finish tomorrow.  I really wanted to run every day, but running perks me up and I need to get to sleep when I get home.  tomorrow I leave for Edinburgh straight after work and won't arrive there until around 11.30, but I'm going straight out for a run in the lovely Herriot Watt campus, just a quick one as I'll have more time on Wed morning and Thursday morning for more decent runs.  I hope my fellow Janathoners are having a successful time.  Over and out.

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  1. Your commitment is impressive! And inspires me. I will get up in the morning ...