Saturday, 21 January 2012

Days 17 to 21

Okay, the fact that i haven't blogged since Monday is an indication of the week I've had.  The combination of my laptop being in the computer hospital all week and my office being locked up all weekend meant that I have been way behind in my work.  But, Janathon almost went on as usual.  Tuesday is my busiest day of the week and I was at work by 7.  I tried to leave at 6 to have a quick pre cinema run but time escaped me.  So, I had to run after the cinema.  A quick(well not really!) trot at 11pm up the down the main road and home again. I was happy to get out and run, but really wanted to hit the sack.  Oh well.  So, the plan for Wednesday was to get to work early (which I managed) and then go to the gym for more spinning and a short run.  It didn't happen, work was hectic, and I got home late, so I didn't run and substituted a quick 20 min cycle in instead.  I am a big fan of the Boris Bikes which aid my zooming around town.  On Thursday it was back to the gym, a short run to start me off, some weights and abs and a quick 2K row, then off to work.  Yesterday, Friday it just didn't happen.  I was at work for 7 again and had a hectic day of teaching and meetings and then went off to a friend's place for dinner.  If I had gotten up at 5 instead of 5.30 I could have had my run, but I didn't.  So, a fail for the 20th of Jan.

So, today I was determined to have a good run.  It was bright and sunny and warmer than I thought it would be so I wore my heaviest running jacket.  2K in I picked myself up a running coach, I generally prefer to run alone so was not too happy at the volunteer coach running with me.  As he pulled slightly ahead of me I nipped across the river and continued my run on the other side, but he came and found me so I gave in and let him coach me.  He gave me some good tips!  Anyway, I decided to cut the run shorter than planned so just did 9K instead of 10 with a slow final K after a bit of a walk.

So, not so many Janathon days left, but I'm hoping that I don't miss another day.

Happy running...


  1. Awesome determination in the face of alnost insurmountable odds! Well done on all the running in spite of the work. Hey, well done on the work too though! Your self-appointed coach sounds a bit scary (as if you didn't have enough to cope with)

  2. I'm impressed - work getting in the way is just one of those things, but you are clearly so determined nonetheless. Very impressive! Amused by the self-appointed coach though ... (and as with the commenter above, a bit scared too!)

  3. Thanks Terry and Helen, I always have a crazy Jan before I hit burn out in mid Feb which lasts around 6 weeks! yes, my coach was verging on the 'bit scary', I'm hoping we don't meet again, but suspect that we might as he runs my favourite route. This is one of the hazards of the lone female runner I have noticed, but is one incentive to try to get my pace up, so I can run away more easily!!