Monday, 2 January 2012

Day 2, only 29 left

So day 2 of Janathon and my alarm went off early, an hour of snoozing later I dragged myself out of bed and hit the road.  I have a lot of work to do so wanted to get into work earlyish so just did 5K.  My fitness seems to be slowly returning after a stop start year of running in 2011.  Although my distances are still very short, I am finding it easy so will need to challenge myself a bit more as the month progresses.  When I left the house the air was freezing and my poor eyes started streaming, but once the shock had passed I appreciated what a beautiful day it is.  Clear blue sky and little white fluffy clouds, ideal running weather.  I seem to need to run different routes every day so today varied my route from Saturday and wound my way along the reservoir up to the park and then wound back again, again I treated myself to the downhill home route which is quite addictive!  I think that the biggest challenge of Janathon may be remembering all my passwords for things.  Once my work routine kicks in from tomorrow the challenge will be to find a good time for running, but hopefully if I keep my distances modest during the week I'll be able to have longer weekend runs.  Now to find a half marathon race for March to ensure that I have a training goal.  Hope my fellow Janathoners are going well today.  Till tomorrow...

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  1. I know entirely what you mean re the password thing ... stumps me too. Especially when I try to be efficient and do the blog as soon as I get in when I'm still out of breath and can't think for toffee!