Friday, 13 January 2012

(un)lucky 13

So here we are on Friday the 13th, unlucky for some.  My only real brush with Friday the 13th was when my dog Max died tragically at the wheels of my big sister's teacher's car in 1981.  It was a terrible day, and my sis never forgave her teacher.  Anyway, I was supposed to get up and run immediately this morning, but work related anxiety meant that I headed to work very early instead.  I had to leave for a meeting at 12.15 and had a lot of stuff to finish off before then.  I managed it all and then nipped home for my run and to bring my unstable laptop into the laptop hospital to try to get it back to life.  I started off thinking I'd do a nifty 5K, but then the work related anxiety came along again and I decided to just do a mile, go home and head back to work.  So, here I am back at work trying to finish a paper with a deadline of Sunday, my laptop is in hospital, my office will be shut for maintenance or something over the weekend and I am logging and blogging....Tomorrow I will do a short run as I have a visitor and on Sunday I will try a longer one...

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