Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 5!

Day 5, another day of opening the front door to wind and rain but this time I was off to the gym for some personal training.  I went early so I could squeeze in a 2K run at the start just to feel like I'm Janathoning and then did a work out.  I cycled 5K and rowed 2K and did around 30 mins of weights and abs.  It was nice to balance the running with some other stuff.  Ideally I should have run to the gym but I had 2 bags, my work bag and my gym bag and running with luggage is not fun!  Not sure when I'll get to log as going out after work and I don't have my lead, but that is not really the important part!  So 2 more runs until the end of week 1 of Janathon...feeling good.

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