Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Late posting!

Day 3 of Janathon and I decided to leave my run to the evening, something I almost never did until I tried Janathon last year.  Of course I had planned on getting home around 7 and going out then, but didn't make it home until after 9, shoved some lamb chops in the oven and off I went.  I decided to just do a 20 min run but to try to up my pace, it worked well as I stuck under 6mins a km for most of the run, getting under 5 briefly.  So, I managed to run 3.5km in my 20 mins which I was happy with.  The good thing about such a short run is that as you know (a) it is over almost as soon as you start and (b) you are never far from home, it is possible to push it a little more.  Tonight I will be home earlier and I will try to do a longer run to balance things out.  So far so good with Janathon, apart from remembering the passwords!  Right, time to go to work and already looking forward to getting home for my run this evening!  I hope all the other Janathoners are doing well and nobody blew away yesterday in the crazy wind.

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