Sunday, 22 January 2012

Day 22 already

So today is day 22, only 9 days to go, but some challenging ones to find a time to run.  I have a mountain of work to finish today so just did a nice 5k, with a 1k cool down.  My 5k time was 29 mins, which was good as I felt very unfit for the first 2k, and my hips are killing me.  this is the first time that I have had problems with my hips from running, but for the last week or so, i am getting starp pains right at the top of my hips during and after running.  I have tried to adjust my posture while running, bought new shoes and am stretching more, but still the pains!  for the cool down I did .5K slow run and .5k walk.  It was a beautiful day so I ran by the reservoirs between Stamford Hill and Finsbury Park.  Blue sky, cold, and sunny.  Perfect running conditions.  I wish I had time for a longer run but work called.  Yet again I have forgotten my password for running free so will have to wait until tomorrow to log in.  Each time I try to get a new password it says it is not possible and then tells me to contact the administrator, but I've looked many times, and can't see any contact details...Happy year of the Dragon to all the runners...

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