Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day 4

So, it is day 4 and I had planned another evening run.  I'm starting to like evening runs more as I feel more relaxed knowing that I don't need to get home, shower and slog into work afterwards. But, I need to set out a bit earlier.  This evening wasn't too bad as I was home at 6.30, but after an hour on the phone sorting out my electricity bill (exciting) I set off.  As I was home early I thought maybe I'd go for 6Ks, but....I opened the door to torrential rain.  Hmmm, if this was not Janathon, I would probably close it and hit the couch but I am determined to complete Janathon.  I added a rain jacket and set off.  As I'm a lightweight, fairweather type I halved my run to 3K and set off, but managed to put another 500 m to the end of my run.  I'm sticking with the short runs until the weekend when I'm hoping to push it a bit more.  Gently does it as my aim is to run every day, not to clock up lots of Ks.  My extra running energy inspired a bout of (I have better things to do in Spring) cleaning which was great.  Now time for bed and looking forward to a trip to the gym tomorrow.

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  1. Well done on braving the rain and all that Janathon virtuousness!