Monday, 16 January 2012

Day 16

I'm running a day behind with blogging about my exercise and a few more with logging as I can't get in to running free.  My password is not being accepted and each time I request a new password, they tell me to contact the administrator, but I can't find any information on the site on how to do this.  Oh well, I will keep trying.  Yesterday was gym day so my running was limited.  I just did 10 mins warm up on the treadmill, 40 mins of weights, abs etc and then 9 minutes and 3 seconds (2000m) on the ergo rower.  I had planned on running back home from the gym, but realised there was a spinning class just about to start so I did that (45mins) and then was very tired so got the bus most of the way home, I 'ran' the last k or so, I forgot to turn off my nike + when I got home so no idea of the distance as it includes me walking around the house once I got home!  Tonight I will do my quick mile as I have a long day at work and Tuesday is cinema night...

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  1. Great work rate! Just realised that we are over half way through.