Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day 8, that means the start of week 2!

Here I am on day 8 and happily still in the game.  I got up and went out for a 6k run this morning.  As I always walk after I finish my run, I've decided to add this to my total done for the rest of Janathon.  Not sure if I should, but I'm far from the leader board so who cares...This morning was fine, I started very slowly as I am paying the price for not having stretched for 2 days in a row, but after a while I found my stride.  It is still amazing to me that whatever distance I do I find that I have the same feeling at the start, the middle and close to the end, they just last longer/ shorter depending on the distance.  I start out thinking 'seriously, I thought I was getting fitter and faster, this is embarrassing why didn't I stay in bed...', then I think 'okay, I'm almost half way, I just need to do that again, I should manage it' and finally 'maybe I should have pushed myself more, run a bit harder or further, but now I've planned to run this distance so I'm going to stop when I decided I would'.  I have a busy week this week, and an even busier one the following week, but I will stick to my 'better to run short and fast than not run at all' approach...Good luck all for week 2.  Annoyed that I still can't seem to post on many of the other blogs, oh well...


  1. I salute your positive vibes - I wish I felt as you do at the start/middle/end (well that start sounds familiar at least ...!). Yes, work and Janathon is hard but we will manage it!

  2. Great consistency -- and 'cool down' definitely counts!